Our Supplier Diversity Programs

AT&T Business Growth Acceleration Program

AT&T Supplier Diversity proudly sponsors the AT&T Business Growth Acceleration Program, a diversity initiative to help diverse-owned businesses thrive in today's market. This educational program mentors a select group of qualified business leaders toward improving their business operations and enhancing their abilities to win corporate contracts. The practical, hands-on learning approach enables each participant to immediately apply concepts learned to their individual business challenges. Through the program, participants are actively building their business. It's real. It's immediate. It's transformative.

Mentees will have the support of an entrepreneurial task force with successful business mentors and industry experts. AT&T has long been recognized as a best-in-class company for its diversity program. The tradition moves forward with the Business Growth Acceleration Program, which supports the growth of diverse-owned businesses. We are committed to developing and promoting diverse-owned businesses.